Lesson from a Sunday afternoon Monopoly battle

A letter from Tony.

Winter is on its way and I am thrilled!

After what seemed like another marathon summer in Brisbane; and having only just switched off the air conditioning at home, I found myself scavenging around our yard over the weekend for anything I could legitimately burn in our fireplace. Given we are only a couple of months away from starting a home renovation, I contemplated whether I could get a head start on the demolition work by removing the weatherboards from the soon to be demolished side of our home to use as firewood. Annie came outside and asked why I was tapping at the side the house. So, with that, onto plan B and off to Bunnings for a bag of the most expensive firewood around!

Firewood sorted, I tapped into my Bear Grylls survival training and built a roaring fire that generated so much heat we opened all the doors and windows. I say it is not a real fire if you can get within a few metres of the fireplace without scorching your arm hairs.

Fire raging, Sofia and I settled down for a Sunday afternoon battle of Transformers Monopoly. Transformers Monopoly is a step up from the Peppa Pig Monopoly game we have been enduring over the past few years, and, in my opinion, presented another brilliant learning opportunity for Sofia about the concept of investing, playing the long game and ROI. It soon became clear she did not want a bar of my wisdom and was focusing her attention on developing her ‘quick hands Fornaro’ skills with her suspicious ‘bank’ money dealings. Next time I may need to take the learnings down a notch from investment strategies to ‘why it’s wrong to cheat’.

Stay warm & Regards, Tony