Fornaro’s clients dare to dream bigger. Our job is to assist them to get there, whether they want a new home, a new business or a whole new lifestyle. We don’t judge the dreams—however ambitious they might seem—because Fornaro was founded on a belief in the power of financial advice to give people the freedom to live life to their full potential. If you’re willing to work towards your goal, we’ll give you the advice and support that will get you there.

Mortgage & Finance

Our clients seek finance for the widest possible range of reasons, which is why they come to advisers with the widest possible range of solutions. We can offer investment opportunities that are not easily accessible to the public, which we can arrange through our connections with select institutions and private options. Our conversation with you begins with understanding what the financing is for. As with everything we do, the solutions we advise will be tailored to your strategy.

Accounting & Tax

Accountants specialise in looking back over numbers where financial advisers look forward. It helps to have experts who can do both. That’s why our clients asked us to broaden our service into accountancy so they could work with a team who could attend to every aspect of their big picture. We offer you strategic accounting and taxation advice and compliance, making sure you’re maximising your financial opportunities and creating efficiencies that could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.

Strategy & Advisory

Our business clients can pick up the phone at any time for strategic business advice from an expert who knows their figures. In addition to offering CFO level insights, we also advise on entity structuring, finance, tax and insurance. And we can take on all day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting, leaving our clients free to concentrate on where their expertise and passions lie.

Fornaro Private

Our family office service is for families with shared wealth and individual requirements. We understand how to navigate complex structures and dynamics. Together with our expert partners, we offer strategic accounting services and tax advice, residential, commercial and private financing, connections to private wealth management advice, appropriate lawyers, and bespoke services tailored to the particular needs of your family.