Strategy & Advisory

Our business clients can pick up the phone at any time for strategic business advice from an expert who knows their figures. In addition to offering CFO level insights, we also advise on entity structuring, finance, tax and insurance. And we can take on all day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting, leaving our clients free to concentrate on where their expertise and passions lie.

CFO level advice from a financial expert who knows your numbers. It’s the Fornaro Advantage for businesses.

  • Your Outsourced CFO

    Businesses live by their numbers, which is why our business clients involve us in their strategic decision making. We’re able to provide CFO-level insight into your business, monitoring cashflow, taking care of financial planning, managing financial strengths and locating weaknesses that need correction. You don’t need to employ a full-time CFO when you have the Fornaro Advantage—on-call advice from a team of experts in financial planning, accounting, tax and finance.

  • Sound Structuring

    We have significant experience providing advice to entrepreneurs to ensure they establish their new businesses on a sound footing. Our advice covers choosing the right business structure—with a view to a client’s overall financial position—setting up insurances, and working with lawyers and other professionals.

    We make it easy to go quickly from idea to launch without overlooking essential protections or needing expensive changes down the line.

  • Full Service Accounting

    Establish a new enterprise or run an existing business more cost effectively by placing your bookkeeping, accounts and payroll in the hands of local experts who will leave you free to concentrate on where your strengths lie. We make it easy for you to run your business by taking care of every aspect of your finances, right down to paying the bills straight from your bank account.