Summer is coming and it’s time to get in gear!

Say the words ‘finance broker’ and most people immediately think of home loans. But did you know we can also assist you find the right loan product for a whole range of lifestyle assets? Caravans. Speed boats. Jet skis. The whole shebang.

So, what’s the most popular asset finance we assist people with? Cars. In fact, with summer fast-approaching, now is the time when many people are thinking about a new car purchase. Here are 6 reasons why.

1. Dealership discounts

There are three main times when you’re more likely to neogitate the best deal on a new car purchase:

  • End of financial year
  • End of the month
  • End of the calendar year

In December, dealerships hustle to sell current model-year stock, and many offer discounts to lure in buyers. The date on the build plate (when the vehicle was manufactured) affects the vehicle’s resale value, depreciation and attractiveness to buyers.

Another consideration is the impact of the pandemic on the car industry. According to, 68,985 vehicles were sold in September, representing a 20.5 per cent loss compared to the previous year. With the car industry suffering, it may give buyers more power to negotiate on price.

2. Reliability and cost

If your current vehicle is costing more than it’s worth, it may be time for an upgrade. You don’t want to be getting around in something unreliable or continuously forking out on repairs.

New cars usually come with an extensive warranty – offering you peace of mind. At this time of year, you may also be able to negotiate some great added benefits, like the first year of servicing free.

3. Safety

How do you think your current car would fare in a bingle? If you’re likely to come out second best, it may be time for a replacement.

Today’s new vehicles often have all sorts of high-tech safety features. These include lane-departure warnings, stability control, automatic emergency braking and reverse cameras. Bottom line: safety should always be top priority.

Also, keep in mind that buying a car with a solid safety rating may also save you money on insurance (the Australasian New Car Assessment Program rates cars from 0 to 5 for safety). Less risk on the road may equal a lower insurance premium. Sometimes extra safety features like reverse cameras can also drive up your premium, as they can be costly to fix, so it’s best to do your homework about insurance.

4. Fuel efficiency

Does your current vehicle guzzle fuel? New car models are often incredibly fuel-efficient and better for the environment. How about a gas-powered vehicle or a hybrid? Maybe you could reduce your carbon footprint with an electric car that doesn’t use any fuel at all?

5. Cool gadgets

Still getting around with a tape deck in your car? Even if you’ve upgraded to a CD player, you’re likely to be blown away by the great sound systems and technology in today’s new cars.

From Bluetooth sound systems, ambient interior lighting and keyless entry capabilities, to built-in Wi-Fi hotspots, smartphone integration and voice-recognition software, there are all sorts of fun gadgets to explore. Imagine hitting the freeway and letting your adaptive cruise control take over, as you listen to your favourite tunes via your smart phone. Bliss.

6. Tailored finance

Forget about one-size-fits all car dealership finance. Your Fornaro mortgage & finance broker can negotiate finance that suits your individual needs. From standard car loans to car leasing and chattel mortgages, we offer a range of finance options.

Whatever is on your wish list, it’s a good idea to talk with someone who cares about your situation and will take the time to make sure you’re getting the right loan for you. Remember, now is a great time to make those big-ticket purchases, particularly if you’ve been able to save some extra cash that would have otherwise been spent on overseas trips. There are some fantastic deals available, so please reach out and let’s make your summer particularly memorable.

This article is for general information only.