What happened to my Green Chicken Curry?

After a long week in the office last week we decided to order Thai for dinner on Friday night. Order placed with a delivery estimate of 6.20pm. Perfect, just enough time for a few beers and a debrief on the week. 6.20pm quickly became 6.45pm on the delivery app.

At 6.50pm we start questioning where our Thai was. Annie checks her email…at 6.44pm there is an email ‘Your order has been delivered’. With a united ‘woohoo’, I head to the front door to collect the sweet sweet brown paper bag full of yumminess. *Gasp* The bag isn’t there!

Off down the first flight of stairs; still no bag. I continue down the stairs to check the carport. Nothing. All the way down our driveway to the front gates and still nothing, nil, zilch. What the heck, where is our Thai?
After searching our yard, I return inside to profess ‘THERE IS NO ******** ANYWHERE’….what is going on? Annie tells me the email says it has been delivered so go and have a proper look. I head out again and check the front yard, side yard and even the back yard, and still return empty handed. Annie rolls her eyes at my ‘boy look’ and heads out. Surprise surprise, she returns with no ********. I told you so Annie.

What follows is 10 minutes of rapid fire questions from me to Annie about how come they say it was delivered but it hasn’t been delivered. How can the email not be true? Where could it be? Why can’t we find it? Where did they put it? Did it go to the neighbours? Why is this happening to me? WHO STOLE MY THAI?

I’m starving, I’m hangry and I’m feeling over emotional about the situation. My green chicken curry and pad thai is sitting somewhere out there in the cold. ‘We are never ordering from ******** again’ I declare (and given I never actually do the ordering this was a very loose threat).

Annie tries to calm me and offers to make me toast; no way Annie, toast is not going to comfort me in this situation no matter how much butter you put on it. I storm off downstairs; retrieve a frozen pie from the freezer, pop it in the oven and wait another 45 agonising minutes to not eat my Thai for dinner. 

Looking back on Friday night I have a couple of personal reflections:

  1. I may have overreacted to the situation, maybe.
  2. A cheese platter with friday night drinks is now mandatory to ward off my ‘hangriness’.
  3. I shouldn’t make loose threats that I have no intention of honouring.
  4. I do really enjoy a meat pie with mushy peas and tomato sauce.

Regards, Tony

PS: ******** I have redacted the name of the food delivery service as I know we will order from them again.