Why is it important to manage expectations & agree timeframes?

A letter from Tony.

One of our core principles at Fornaro is managing expectations. This principle is about ensuring that everyone is on the same page about when something can be achieved, what steps need to be followed and what the status is. Sometimes we don’t always get this right; however, striving to achieve this consistently is part of our daily focus at Fornaro.

Setting and communicating timeframes is equally important. When will something be completed or needed by is how we can manage expectations. If we say we are going to do something by a date, we need to do it. If we need something by a nominated date, the other party must know the importance of this deadline. Everyone’s idea of what ‘urgent’ means is different, so communicate and agree expectations.

With Annie and I living and breathing Fornaro 24/7 it is fair to say our conversations often spill from the office to home. How can we do things better, manage expectations, set timeframes, ensure all parties are on the same page, achieve the best outcome, is often the focus of our conversations.

Despite our best efforts to keep ‘Fornaro’ discussions on the down-low, our daughter Sofia is regularly an active listener in these conversations. I have always maintained that Annie has bionic hearing (she even hears my thoughts!) and this trait has well and truly been inherited by Sofia. The volume goes down on the Ipad and Sofia listens intently to our conversations; peppering us with questions as we talk; but why is that, how come, does that mean…

So, it came as no surprise when we recently found a letter Sofia had left out for the fairies. With a ‘wear something blue and purple’ fundraiser at school later that week, Sofia graciously asked the fairies for blue & purple hairspray. And to show she understands the concept of managing expectations, she added a deadline for the fairies.

Our next conversation around managing expectations and timeframes will need to hone in on the importance of making those expectations realistic and achievable. Two days’ notice for the fairies to acquire blue & purple hairspray is ambitious Sofia.

As a side note to this, My marriage has a third wheel: Our child is a great article by The New York Times Journalist Jancee Dunn that hits a little too close home for Annie & I.

Happy Easter & Regards, Tony