10 things I have learnt building our new home

Building a new home is both exciting and tiring. I underestimated the amount of time, energy and coordination that goes into the process. After two years, we are preparing to move home in December and I am excited. My role at best has been as the 2IC project manager, or more realistically, the finishes samples carrier and tape measure end holder (I caution you to not underestimate the consequences of a dodgy tap measure dimension, and how this can make or break it when it comes to fitting the chosen bedside tables or not).

10 things I have learnt during our build process:

1. I still have no spatial awareness, zero, zilch, zip.
2. The agreed budget is just the starting point.
3. Decision fatigue can set in hard, and considering I only really had input into the pool filter, BBQ and bar fridge selection, I’m exhausted.
4. I never knew colours such as seafoam, dusty pink and nude champagne existed.
5. French lay is not what I thought it was.
6. There are no less than 14,000 variations on the colour black, and yet they all still look the same to me.
7. S fold, box pleat, pinch pleat, or goblet…I thought we were just doing curtains?
8. The options with drawer inserts are endless, and I’m excited by the possibilities on how I can arrange our spices and utensils.
9. I still cannot read a set of house plans. Annie has endured countless weekends stepping out the spaces, using scraps of timber to mark out the spaces, just so I can follow along.
10. Seriously, pick a rock star team to work with! I’m thankful our design & build teams have been phenomenal to work with. We certainly hit the jackpot in working with them and I can’t wait to move in.