Meet your inhouse Property Managers

In 2016, Eleven’s Property Management services was our solution for of own personal investment property management requirements. We were seeking ‘a bit more’ from our own property management experience than was being offered in the market.

Leveraging Annie’s 20 plus years property industry experience, Eleven Property is our specialist property management team who focus on relationships and outcomes for our clients, backed by the power of our extensive finance and tax accounting knowledge that comes from being part of Fornaro.

Investment properties are a complex investment and require an experienced and comprehensive approach in maximising their return. It takes both strong financial acumen and thorough market knowledge in combination with active relationship management to maximise your investment’s performance.

Eleven’s property management approach includes:

  • A thorough assessment of your property’s market position, competitors, and opportunities to position your property appropriately within the current market.
  • Comprehensive leasing strategies and tenant selection process to match the most suitable tenant and lease terms to your property.
  • Proactive ongoing property management, focused on relationships and staying one step ahead.
  • With Fornaro’s strong finance and tax accounting pedigree, coupled with over 40 combined years of property experience within the Eleven team, we take a holistic long term view to your property’s performance.

Meet your Eleven Property team

If you are interested in finding out more about how Eleven Property could work with you on managing your property investments, please contact Carolyn or Annie today.